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The latest in Stargood news and reviews from all over the Net!

“If you were a fan of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s Thunderbirds series, then get ready for your mind to explode…Nicely done. Can’t wait to see the continuing adventures of Captain Stargood…”

“…the puppet-based Captain Stargood blends down-and-dirty humor with the cheesy sensibilities of ye olde sci-fi of rocket ships and “ro-bets.”

“Captain Stargood brings back the good old days of the Thunderbirds and other sci-fi puppets of the 60’s where string was king. Thunderbirds was funny unintentionally of course while Captain Stargood aims for funny and gets it right. Must see stuff as Captain Stargood and Vera Buxley bounce around in black and white.” -

“The show has a “twisted” sense of humor and captures that slightly cheesy old sci-fi feel from that time period.”

“There’s a certain amount of backstory behind the backstory, but the premise that a small website has re-discovered a failed US attempt to capture the Thunderbrids / Fireball XL-5 market, and is now airing the episodes, is golden…” The

“Created and pitched as if it were archives from a real 1950′s Sci-Fi TV show, this black-and-white puppet-based comedy is full of Atomic Space-Race spoofs and wry sexual innuendos. “Lost in Space” gone terribly awry. It’s smart, funny, and the intentionally cheesy FX and fake model spaceships are spot on. Well done.” Varlo Vanore, eGuiders

Then there’s this guy:

“Another unspeakable horror from the Net.” — anon. blogger

Hey, can’t please ‘em all!

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